Shades of grey

As a self confessed older player I like to think that the few years of experience that I have over most players allows me to have a some what broader perspective on the current state of maplestory – and while at 22 years of age im not the oldest mapler out there I’ll ask that you continue on reading as this will make sense at some point.

One thing i have learnt over the years just in general but can be applied to maplestory is the fact that nothing is ever a concrete column a or column b and if you haven’t guess what I’m going to be talking about yet – its the can one call themselves legit in this day and age, Its a subject that when is discussed with a few certain friends of mine can get quite heated so lets break it down, remembering that nothing is ever really concrete.

So if we look at the current state of maplestory, we can safely say that 95% of any of the GM Scrolls you use are duped – that 100% of any protection scrolls are duped and EE/AEE you have a 80% chance of getting a duped one with this in mind does using these scrolls make you illegitimate player? most would say yes when out in the public but then, what if the person buying them used mesos he gained in a legit way from boss drops or selling items. but then how is one to know that the mesos they have come from a legit source I.E. botted mesos it raises an interesting question how can a mapler play maplestory and stay legit in the strictest sense of the word? the logical answer is to assume that no one is a legitimate player.

But that said lets take my friend for instance he claims that its not his fault that the items are there and that he was/is unaware of there origin thus making him innocent – while I respect his point of view I feel as though hes just shutting his eyes and ears to the facts its the ignorance card and if they day comes when nexon does something about all these scrolls/mesos/items the fact that he says oh well i didnt know is not going to stop nexon from resetting or taking those equips.

Then there is the school of thought that nexon while saying they are doing something about the hacks in this game just put temp ban-aid fixes over the issues – the fact that most items are payed for by NX though MTS thus giving nexon more income Im sure if or when they release there next annual report there will be a large influx of NX purchases, While I can see where they are coming from i would hope that this theory is wrong.

Now Glitched spawn Bearwolfs and strong hold the most glitched maps in the game I dont think i need to say anything else on this – Lets take a trip back about 5 months when most of the bosses you would vs where glitched and broken almost every one i know took advantage of this. 

So whats my point, my point is the world of maplestory is painted in shades of grey there are those that go out of there way to obtain hacked items and those that use duped items to create items im not saying that either is correct just that things are interesting to say the lest these days in maple.

Comment below and let me know your point of view.

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One Response to Shades of grey

  1. james17s says:

    Mhmkay. I definitely agree with you here. Recently it has been nearly impossible to be 100% legit. (and by that I mean not glitches, no ‘possibly duped items’ I mean you make all your on shiet and you pretty much train forever alone style) I, for one, am not gonna play like this. Maple is a social game for me. If I make it to 200 one day, awesome, but for now imma enjoy the journey. Wanna know my ‘shade of grey’? I think I’m rather legit. (at least I intend to call myself that) buying obviously hacked or duped items is a no-go. So 27 ATT VVS, even if I could afford you. Probably wouldn’t buy you. I’m not taking the risk of my items being recalled (if Nexon ever steps up their game)
    2. Like you said, regarding scrolls. It’s tough to know if they are the product of duping or legittly found. For now, I’m going to assume they are legit unles the person has like 300 of em. (I don’t have the time or patience to ask every person in the fm if their scrolls are legit, especially not in Bera)
    So overall, I’m going to continue to call myself ‘legit’. I used to be a ‘less the satisfactory Mapler’ I’ve abused glitches, joined bad guilds, used duped gear. But I realized how boring and unfair it makes the game. Not only for me but every one else. So I decided to play fair. No, Im not gonna hide away with skele dragons and never buy anything. But I’m gonna play fair and treat players the way I hope to be treated.:)

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