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Inspired was born in mid 2007 and has only grown since then, we have forged strong ties with our alliance guilds putting both Inspired and its allies in a fantastic position to prosper even more.


+ Guild and alliance members come first. Inspired is a very close nit group of people that share the same core values and goals the most important of these is too help other guild/alliance members out when needed.

+ We are looking to recruit real people not mindless followers. personality is a plus!

+ Participation in events/boss runs is a must but if you join for the sole reason to acquire a certain item, and then leave you can forget it, all members have a 2 week trial period.

+ Have fun, the most important part of any guild is that you have fun, and enjoy your the people that you play with. that said we cannot always cater to individual specific needs, if you find you have an issue that is nagging you please talk to a Leader and we almost alway work something out, having 3 other guilds that we respect deeply in our alliance has its benefits.

+Any one can join, any level any class!!


Very Strong Members, we can help you kill any boss in the game. fun helpful members that are very active, a fantastic opportunity to add too your maple resume, stability our guild has been around for years and will continue to do so. Inspired is not a Fad.

Also NX events.



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